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Cde. Ronn Anderson, President

I hope that everyone had a very nice Christmas and an enjoyable and safe New Year's Celebration. I wish everyone the very best for 2015.

Congratulations to our new 2nd Vice-president Comrade Mike Thayer as well as our new two year members of the executive, Comrades Roland Fisette, Gord Laing, Jane Deller, and Chris Lundgren. At the next general meeting in February we will be electing a new 3rd vice-president.

I also want to offer congratulations to the newly elected executives of the Ladies Auxiliary and Over 55 Club and I wish you both a most successful year.

Winter doesn't seem to have found us yet but I'm sure by the time you read this it will have. Everyone enjoy what's left of the winter and don't forget to participate in all the events being held in your branch. Senior pool players are well under way and seem to be having a great time. All of the other winter sports are also well under way including the branch play-downs leading to Provincial and National Championships.

Very early in the New Year, renovations will commence on the washrooms in the downstairs clubrooms. There will be some inconvenience as this will involve the complete restoration of both the men's and ladies facilities. A project that is long overdue. Please be patient and we will complete this task as quickly as possible.

The very best wishes to all of our shut-in friends and a quick and complete recovery to all of our ill members.

Remember participate in your branch activities and help make your branch a successful enterprise.


It being the 6th of Dec today and in yesterday's Metro, our member, Eva MacKay has been busy knitting. As she is now 100 years old, it is amazing what you are still able to do. It keeps their hands busy.

I understand everyone is forgetting about the soup labels. They have not been coming in. Is it something that has been forgotten? The more we get in, the more we can help out the Schools.

When was the last time you were in the kitchen? Well it has changed drastically. The entire kitchen has been washed. The walls, ceiling and cupboards have been painted and there is also a brand new floor. What an improvement. The Auxiliary made the arrangements, it took time, but now it's done.

I hear that Marie Cairns is not well. Angie Richot is not well, she has Bronchitis. Recently she had a bad fall and is in bad shape.

Well we had a very nice Luncheon on Nov 23/14. The food as usual was excellent. We had a good crowd and of course they spent money and some were lucky.

The following is a list of winners

Door Prizes

1. $10 Gift Certificate form Ken - Adeline Larson 2. Lotion - Ruth Erstelle

Special Raffle

  • Purse - Jane Deller
  • Picture - Kay Brown
  • Afghan - Teresa McKinnon
  • $50 Gift Certificate from Dominos - Mike Erstelle

Money Tree - Jane Deller

Grocery Hampers

1. Marina Palmer; 2. Barb Kurbis; 3. Carol Tasse

Silent Auction

1. Food Storage Set - Anna Duffy 2. 16 Pc Storage Set - Ann Springer 3. Bird Feeder - Patty Snare 4. Slow Cooker - Mary Anne McGibney 5. Lady Ornament & Neck Lace - Mary Anne McGibney 6. Tea Set - Carol Tasse 7. Kitchen Medley & Sign - Donna Dyck 8. Album & Flower Vase - Linda Jardine 9. 28 Pc Value Set - Judy Appelt 10. Christmas Set & Small Afghan - Jackie Brown 11. Puzzles - Mary Anne McGibney 12. 2 Cups & Hot Pads & Mandline - Kim Kwiatkowski 13. Purse & Photo Album - Ruth Erstelle 14. Baker Set & Christmas Clothes - Corinne Courchene 15. Puzzles - Linda Jardine 16. Pillows & Christmas Ornament - Al Mickey 17. Brush & Wipes & Cart - Val Hogan 18. Picture & Holiday Entertaining Set - Anna Duffy 19. Christmas Ornament & Perfume - Mabel Brockhill 20. Wedding album & Watch - Ruth Meeks

To everyone that worked and helped out, Thank You very Much.

Elections were held at our meeting on Thursday Dec 4/14. The following is our Officers for the new Team.

President - Corinne Van Meer 1st Vice - Phyllis Psooy 2nd Vice - Jane Deller Treasurer - Barbara Criggie Catering - Corinne Van Meer Deer Lodge - Marjorie Martin Shut ins - Phyllis Psooy Joint Hospital - June Clarke Publicity - June Clarke Social - not filled Sewing - not filled Crafts - Annette Sul Ways and Means - Barbara Criggie Sargent at Arms - Lila Yelland Secretary - Kay Mckinnon

Well Christmas will soon be here. We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and hopefully the New Year will be better for everyone. Have A Good One.

Phyllis Psooy has been visiting.

Elsie Shields is a happy person, but has health problems. Marie Cairns - very cheerful, happy to see Phyllis. Anne Kumka - happy to receive a gift from the Auxiliary, very alert. Eva MacKay did not recognize me because of my Santa Hat, knows who I am.

The Tickets are out again for the Sports Foundation. This year the Luncheon is at Charleswood Legion at 6003 Roblin Blvd at 3.30 PM. Draw Tickets are available from Phyllis Psooy.

1st Prize $500.00, 2nd Prize $400.00, 3rd Prize $200.0, 4th prize $100.00

Tickets are 50 Cents each, 10 Dollars a book

June Clarke, Ladies Auxiliary Publicity Chair


Another very successful Poppy Campaign has come and gone. A big thank you to all of you volunteers. You are the reason the 2014 campaign was so successful. To all those members of the branch and others who went the extra distance and worked steady to insure the campaign was a total success, THANK YOU. The total raised for 2014 is in excess of $50,000. (Subject to change upward)

" If I have missed naming any volunteer or misspelled your name you have my sincere apology and please notify me so that I can correct my error."

Tag Day Coordinators Business Delivery
and Pick-up
Airport - Jim Ward Al Coote
Superstore - Muriel Barton Muriel and Bruce Barton
Safeway - Muriel Barton Phil Gelinas
RRC - Coreen Van Meer Bernie Roy
Wal-Mart - Derry/Kay McKinnon Mike Hickey and Chris Aldridge


Charles Appelt
Liz Halladay
Mary Ann McGibney
George Dobson
Ron Elson
Walter Psooy
Wayne Neumann
Scotty Ferguson
Bert Jolly
Ivan Poitras
Nancy Neumann
Mike Thayer
Earl Smith
Blake Appelt
Jack Bridge
Chris Lundgren
Ken Arsenault
Art King
Dave Kerpanik
Betty Zarney
Jessie Fraser
Doug Thomas
Dusty Miller
Ron Lent
Phyllis Psooy
Don Smart
Terry James
Lorna Main
Ross Lanoway
Lisa Appelt
Joyce Coles
Harry Lee
Sara Neumann
Gord Fingland
Shirley James
Kay McKinnon
Corinne Van Meer
Wayne Wizbicki
Jim Simm
Roland Fissette
Don Main
June Poitras
Joyce Ward
Peter Henry
Bill Helgason
Barb Criggie
Lesley Jansen
Val Hogan
Linda Morley
Eric Murphy
Kathy Sproule
Derry McKinnon
George Evans
Susan Wizbicki
Ken Morley
June Cooke
Ron Robinson
Don Neumann
Jim Ward
Ruth Henry
Cathie Maryoff
Dan Lafreniere
Joyce Warrener

Thanks to Unit 17 of the Manitoba Korea Veterans Association for looking after Wal-Mart.

Thanks to the cadets of 2701 PPCLI RCACC and 220 Air Cadet Squadron RCACS for their assistance at the Airport, Canadian Tire and at Wal-Mart.

An extra Thank you to all those who did more than one shift. There were too many to re-name.

Cde. Ronn Anderson, Chairman

NOTICE OF MOTION - General meeting 11 December, 2014

At the next meeting I shall move or cause to be moved a motion to change the By-laws of St. James Legion to change the election of the Officers and executive to be held at a Special General meeting biennially (every two years) commencing in December 2016. All positions will be elected for a two year term.

In order to have all positions on the same cycle:

a. either the election scheduled in 2015 of the 1st and 3rd Vice President and Four executive positions will be for one year only, then all positions will be open for the 2016 election. or

b. alternatively the present positions of the 1st and 3rd Vice President and Four executive positions will be extended for one year then open for the 2016 election.

At the next meeting I shall move or cause to be moved a motion to change the By-laws of St. James Legion to include a provision that a member be required to serve one term on the branch executive to be eligible to be elected president or a vice-president and that a member be required to hold membership in the branch for a period of one year to be eligible for election to the branch executive. In addition to be eligible for election to any office, a member must have attended a minimum of 3 general meetings in the preceding year.

At the next meeting I shall move or cause to be moved a motion to change the By-laws of St. James Legion as follows:

Section 5 Standing Committees delete (15) Bingo and add no (15) Ways and Means

Section 6 Duties of Committees delete (15) Bingo and add no (15) Ways and Means This committee shall be responsible for fund raising by the operation of Raffles and draws as decided by the committee and approved by Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries. (MLL)

Section 7 Executive Committee Powers

  • para 4. delete $1,000.00 insert $2,000.00
  • para 5 delete $1,000 insert $2,000.00. delete $1,500 insert $3,000.
  • para 6 delete $1,500.00 insert $3,000

Section 19 Annual General Financial Meeting change March to April

Cde. Ronn Anderson, Chairman


Please note: all submissions for the Newsletter must be typed or hand printed. Thank you

Cde. Mike Thayer, Publicity


The holidays are fast approaching and many of the activities have taken a break until the New Year.


The cribbage league started September 2014.

Come out and join us for an afternoon of friendly cards & socializing. Registration starts at 11:30 am. Cards at 12:30. We play every second Saturday.

We hope to see you there.

Contact Gert 837 1955 or Bea 888 4661 if you have any questions.


Play started in October and the competition is hot and heavy. The Teams have taken a break until after Christmas. Go out on Sunday and watch them play at noon at the Deer Lodge Curling Club. They are looking for spares to help out. The branch will be represented at the District Level for the Provincial Command Seniors Curling District Level against Arborg. Good Luck guys!


The Wednesday Night Dart league has started for the season and a notice has been posted with information on the league.

If you are interested in playing in this fun league and require more information please leave a message at the branch.

The branch playoffs for the 2014 Provincial command Dart championships were held on December 6,2014 We will have 2 4 Man Teams , 3 doubles teams and 3 singles teams to represent the branch at the next level .

International Veterans Billiard League

The 2014 - 15 season has started. Watch the bulletin boards for further information. Come out and watch the high caliber of play on Thursday nights at 7:00 p.m. We have one team that plays in this league so please come out and support them.

Senior Snooker League

The Senior Snooker league has commenced for the coming season. You can see them play 2 mornings a week from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Thanks to Jim Ward and Bernie Roy for all their help in running this league. The boys have taken a break for Christmas and will be back playing in the new year.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and to thank those of have helped organize and run our branch sports activities so smoothly

Upcoming Events

Please watch the bulletin boards for upcoming sporting events to take place at our branch.

Yours Fraternally
Cde. Mary Anne McGibney, Sports Chairperson



St James Branch's Annual Children's Christmas Event was changed this year to a Breakfast with Santa. The party was a great success with 58 children attending and an undetermined number of parents, grandparents and several great grandparents. I would like to thank those members that worked so hard to make this event so great:

Doc's Kitchen Crew consisting of Doc, Mike, Brian and (young) Kris did a fantastic job on the pancakes, sausages and scrambled eggs and had them coming back for seconds. Doc & Mike indicated the fine cooking was due to their high quality military training. (Who Knew? I always thought when you got in trouble you were assigned to K.P.)

The Christmas Elves: Betty, Mary Anne, Liz, Gisele & Al handled the never ending Food Line and Ronn ran the clean-up crew.

This year's stage entertainer, magician was Mr. Richards who provided an exceptionally great performance that kept the children and older children well entertained.

I would especially like to thank Brenda, Joel, Shaun & Nathan for supervising the children's events and keeping them happy and entertained throughout the morning.

Again I would like to thank all those who assisted with the program and hope those that attended enjoyed it as much as we did.

Cde. Chris (Kringle) Lundgren, Children's Committee Chair

Breakfast with Santa

For several years now, I have attended the Children's Christmas party with my great-grandchildren. It is always a joyous event to see the young ones awaiting their visit with Santa and of course the gift presented to them. The volunteers always create a wonderful event with entertainment, thoughtful gifts, food and refreshments and the chance for all attending to socialize. This year a Breakfast Christmas Party was held and it was very successful and a change from prior years. The delicious menu was sausages, scrambled eggs and pancakes. Many went back for seconds and thirds. Magic was the entertainment this year and all seemed to be intrigued and amazed by the show. All in all, this year was another successful Christmas Party and I wish to thank Chris Lundgren and all the volunteers who helped make it happen.

Ev Hunter


Our Grey Cup Ticket Sales were a huge success once again. I would like to thank the following people who took the time to sell tickets for the branch: Judy Appelt, Maryanne McGibney, Brenda Romas, Flo Ptashnuk, Mary Goss, Cec Simard, Daurelle Wowchuk, Sharon Dafoe, Roland Fisette, Jim Simm, Barb Criggie, Bob Baldwin, Chris Lundgren, Betty Zarney, Darlene Whitfield, Jane Deller, Chris Wallace, Don Smart Jr., Ron Filbey, Debi Pointkoski, Kathy Sproule, Mary Sankiw, Jane Rochon, Daisy Dales, Randy Proutt, Roxanne Mills, and the bar staff.

The winners are: Series 1- 1st Qtr.- Maryanne McGibney($100.00 correct score), Brian Baldwin($50.00 reverse score), 2nd Qtr.- Maryanne McGibney($100.00 correct score), Allan Graham($50.00 reverse score), 3rd Qtr.- W. Martin($100.00 correct score), Dianne Russell($50.00 reverse score), Final Score- Sarah Richter($200.00 correct score), Kathy Lewis($100.00 reverse score). Series 2- 1st Qtr.- Pat Wood($100.00 correct score), Karen Obie($50.00 reverse score), 2nd Qtr.- Kai Hagness($100.00 correct score), Terry Putz($50.00 reverse score), 3rd Qtr.- Pat Huillery($100.00 correct score), Naomi Janzen($50.00 reverse score), Final Score- Bruce Johnson($200.00 correct score), Matt Blewett($100.00 reverse score). There were 40 unsold tickets this year. The profit after expenses was $ 1,771.40.

On December20,2014 we held our draw for the Christmas Basket. The winner is Stacey Sherlock. When I contacted her she was extremely happy to win.

I would like to thank the following individuals and businesses who continue to make our baskets successful.

They are: Judy Appelt, Darlene Whitfield, Chad Whitfield, Jim Ward, John and Jane Rochon, Maria Sheard, Gary Lacey, Betty Zarney, Michelle Tourand, Marge Martin, Linda Morley, Lorna Main, Mike Thayer, Daurelle Wowchuk, Mrs. Brown, Piston Ring, St. James Ladies Auxiliary, Wpg. Police & Pipe Band, Video Lotto, Food Fare, Kendall Catering, Fx Hair Salon, Hairplay Salon, Marigold Restaurant. Without all the generous help and support it would be hard to continue putting out First Class Baskets all the time. I would also like to take the time to acknowledge some wonderful people who continue to assist me: Al Coote who has driven me to some places he did not know existed in the city and helps pick-up packages for me, Ron Filby who has helped out with his handyman skills when called upon and also assisted in pick-ups, Dusty Miller for finding those hard to locate items, Debi Pointkoski who continues to make the colourful posters and also find neat ideas, Roxane Mills who helps me with all the bar staff, and finally the bar staff who continue to be helpful.

Our Chase The Ace on Monday Night is now in full swing. As of Dec.22/14 the jackpot stands at $12,095.00 with only 8 cards remaining. If you would like to come down and have a chance to win, sales are between 6 PM and 8 PM with the draw being held at 8:15 PM. We also have a 50/50 draw. Why not take a chance and participate.

This concludes my report. I would like to say it has been my pleasure to help in 2014.

Yours in Comradeship,
Cde. Ken Morley, Ways Means


Bob Parker
Kendall Lugg
Stanley Thow
Erin Deller
Dianne Duncan
Kathryn MacAuley
John A. Evan
Henry Trachtenberg
Lorraine Lavallee
Joan Carriere
Tracey Chopek
Brian Baldwin
Agnes Roziere
Kirk Van Alstyne
Sergia Carvaltto
Leslie Lutz
Monika Demel

Lynn Boyd
Donald Savage
Hugh Duffy
Patrick Fawcett
Lewis Forbes
Dave Van Alstyne
Marc Ferras
  • Number of Dues paid for 2015 - 646
  • New Members - 24

To renew your Membership the dues are $41.00 until January 31st. On February 1st, the dues are $46.00. To become a member of the St James Legion for the year 2015, the dues are $41.00. To renew your Membership for 2014 the dues are $46.00. Cannot make it down to the Legion? Mail in your dues with a self-addressed stamped envelope, and we will be pleased to mail your Membership card to you.

Keep up with the happenings at our Legion. If you want the bulletin mailed to you, the cost is $10.00 per year and you will be one of the first to receive the bulletin delivered right to your Mailbox six times a year.

Cde. Gordie Laing, Membership Chair Membership Renewal


We are always looking for volunteers to help out with our Saturday Meat Draw. If you or your Group are interested please leave your name at the Bar or call the branch at (204) 888-2767.

Cde. Marge Suddick, In House Draws Chair


Yours in Comradeship,
Ken Morley, Chairman


Band Schedule

  • 02-03 Jan, Dynamics
  • 09-10 Jan, Rockets
  • 16-17 Jan, Marvels
  • 20-21 Jan, Celebration
  • 30-31 Jan, Ricki Redbone
  • 06-07 Feb, Marvels
  • 13-14 Feb, Dynamics
  • 20-21 Feb, Whiskey Bent
  • 27-28 Feb, Celebration

Cde. , Entertainment Chairperson


I want to thank all the volunteers who helped out for Nov. 11, Remembrance Day. You all did a fantastic job. Without your help we could not have had the day we had. Everyone worked very hard. A big thank you to all the staff who did a fantastic job as usual


Next event:

  • Robbie Burns Day- January 24th Saturday
  • Haggis Piped on- 5:30pm
  • Cost per person is $5.00 please get your tickets from Ken in the kitchen

Cde. Betty Zarney, Special Events Chair


Our Branch has a history of providing excellent support to help develop the youth of our community. The Children's program helps promote family values. Scholarships and Bursaries help fund selected youth for post-secondary education.

The Branch is the sponsor for the PPCLI Cadet Corps that meets every Tuesday evening at École Romeo Dallaire.

The Government of Canada does an excellent job of supporting cadets. The funds they provide ensures that every cadet is issued with a uniform at no cost. It pays for the salaries of the adult leaders. It pays for the operation of the several cadet camps that are located across Canada as well as the transportation costs to and from them.

There are some costs that are the responsibility of the local sponsor. The funds provided by our Branch helps pay for items such as rent, telephone, musical instruments, band uniforms, band equipment and supplies, accoutrements such as Regimental cap badges, shoulder titles, sashes and belt buckles, recruiting, a mailbox and some meals for special activities such as when the cadets are having a tag day. They also have a Christmas party. This year they chose to go to an indoor archery club for the evening that culminated with a feast of pizza.

The PPCLI was 100 years old on August 10, 2014. To mark the occasion the Regiment is celebrating "A Century of Service to Canada" from August 2014 to May 2015. It will commemorate the Regiment's past and hail its future from the founding of the Regiment up to today's modern force and its capabilities, as well as its relevance for the future of Canada's security.

Cadets will have an opportunity to participate in some of the centennial celebrations. The first major battle the Patricia's fought was at Frezenberg. A delegation of serving and former members of the Regiment will travel to Europe to commemorate this historical event. Some cadets will be part of the group.

2701 PPCLI Cadet Corps has selected one of its senior cadets to participate in this once in a lifetime event. This is another example of how the Branch's support contributes to the development of our youth.

Cde. Ivan Poitras, Sponsers Representitive

Mobility Aids

The Branch has a limited number of mobility aids such as wheelchairs, and canes that are available on loan to our members. If you are in need of a mobility aid on a temporary basis, stop by the Branch to view the items available and determine if one might meet your short term needs.


On your way downstairs to the main lounge, there is a wooden box marked "St James Legion Supports the Troop's Family" if you have any spare change please throw it in to support our Troop's family.

Also have a look at the wall behind the bar; we are selling items for the MFRC (Military Family Resource Centre" to help the Troops and their families. Support your troops on Friday by wearing RED.


In recent years we have lost many Comrades available for the important duty of Honorary Pallbearers who are needed to honor our fallen Veterans. I would like to request volunteers for this duty, if you can spare sometime in the AM or PM to attend various funerals and have a Legion uniform. I would appreciate you getting in touch with me at 889-8225 or leave your name and phone number at the Branch office. Thank you in advance for your co-operation

Cde. Eric Murphy, Service Officer & Pensions


To the officers , executive and members of the St. James # 04 Over 55 Seniors club , I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I would also like to thank you for your kind support and words of wisdom during my terms as your chairman.

To those who volunteer silently behind the scene and donate to our various projects and bake sales I would like to thank you.

Once again , thank you

Mary Ann McGibney, Chairman

The Holidays are over, hope Santa was good to everyone and we wish all a good New Year.

Mary Anne thanks Jim, Joyce, Georgina and Cammie for all your help for the running, purchases and also the Lunches. We have 85 Members on the roster, we have fun playing Bingo. If it's not too slippery, maybe try to get out to a meeting.

Thanks to Peter for looking after the nominations.

Bud Dibley was at the meeting, having a rest between sessions. Nice for him to be out. Marj Floyd has recently lost her son. A card has been sent.

Over 55 has held elections.

  • Chair - At this time it's vacant. Mary Anne has stepped down because of her health.
  • Treasurer - Jim Simms Secretary - Ruth Henry Membership - Phyllis Psooy
  • Banquet - Marjorie Suddick Bake table -Vacant Cards - Georgina Dibley
  • Phoning & Publicity - June Clarke

From now on the Executive Meeting will be at Noon and our Regular Meeting will be held at 1:30 PM. Our next meeting will be held Thursday Jan 8/15. At our meeting on Thursday, Dec 11/14 Over 55 received a letter from the Branch. In the New Year, the Legion will no longer book our Suppers on a Sunday. All bookings will be done for a Saturday. This will probably be better for us. We can book Lunches instead and maybe we will get more people interested. It is something to think about. However everyone will be getting a phone call.

By the time this Bulletin comes out, Christmas will be over. The Executive wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. We hope those that were ill are feeling much better.

June Clarke, Publicity Over 55


Deer Lodge - Chris Aldridge

  • Doug Brown - Good visit enjoys his chocolate bar every visit
  • Bert Hilton - Interesting visit loves the chocolate bars
  • Hugh Buskell - Not in room left goodie bag
  • John Windsor - Good visit, wishes Happy New Year to all
  • Golden West Lodge - Chris Aldridge

  • Elliot Armstrong - Interesting visit with a market discuss
  • Oakview Place - Jim Ward

  • Olive Horton - Enjoys her treats
  • James Mowatt - Good visit & chat
  • Lil Suche - Good chat says hello to #4
  • Marge Hewitt - Sleeping left goodie bag
  • Wes Wowchuk - Short visit, resting
  • Lions Personal Care Centre - Ken Morley

  • Winnie Clouston - Doing fine, wishes everyone Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year
  • Misericordia - Ken Morley

  • Hank Bjork - Short visit, likes his goodie bag
  • Riverview Health Centre - Ivan Poitras

    Tuxedo Villa - Al Coote

  • Eva Mackay - Had a nice visit, she says hello to all at Branch 4
  • At Home - Al Coote

  • Peter Sawatzky - Had A nice Visit with Peter & Marie
  • That Is the report for now, I would like to Thank My committee for all there help this Year & I would like to Wish Everyone a Happy New Year & All the Best In 2015

    Cde Al Coote, Hospital & Sick Visiting Chairperson


    Please take note. Any checks or donations made to Deer Lodge Veterans must be made out to the Veterans Memorial Endowment Fund at Deer Lodge. This is to ensure the money or donations go directly to the Veterans and no other organizations. Thank you.


    Our Office Administrator, Debi Pointkoski, is also a Certified Marriage Commissioner. Please contact Debi if you want more information regarding this service.


    Heaven's gate swung gently open, the Master called softly "Come" and you Dear one took the Master's hand and your work on earth was done. We'll never cease to miss you and shed many silent tears because we cannot share with you Our hopes, Our joys, Our fears. But one day in God's garden when the master calls us to come, You'll be at the gates with open arms and say to us "Welcome home".

    It is with deep sympathy the Branch records the passing of the following Comrades since our last review. The Officers, Executives and members extend their heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families.

    Cde. Gerald (Bud) Hawkins
    Unit: PPCLI
    Deceased 07 Nov 14
    Cde. Alan Laidlaw
    Unit: RCAF
    Deceased 20 Nov 14

    Cde. Frank Wheeler
    Deceased 16 Dec 14

    They shall grow not old
    As we are left grow old;
    Age shall not weary them,
    Nor do the years condemn.
    At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
    We will remember them.


    Barristers & Solicitors

    Since 1923 this firm served the St James Assiniboia Community, practicing in the Areas of Real Estates, Mortgages, Wills and Estates, Family Law, Criminal, Corporate, Commercial, Personal Injury, Civil Litigation and Wrongful Dismissal.

    George E. Chapman Q.C.
    Alan R. Goddard, B.A. LL.B
    Kelly P. Land, B.A., LL.B
    Michael J. Law, B.A., LL.B
    Allan L Dyker, B.A., LL.B
    Mindy R. Lofchick, LL.B
    Serge B. Couture, B.A., LL.B
    Kael P. McKenzie, B.A., LL.B
    Almer N. Jacksteit, B. Comm, LL.B, Counsel

    1864 Portage Ave Winnipeg, MB R3J 0H2
    Tel. (204) 888-7973
    Fax no. (204) 832-3461