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The branch delegates have just returned from a successful Provincial Command convention hosted by Transcona Branch No. 7 at the Club Regent Casino. All the St. James delegates paid their own expenses except for the registration fee that was covered by the branch. I would like to thank them for the dedication to the Royal Canadian Legion and to St. James Branch No. 4. At the convention the following were elected to serve on the Provincial Executive Council (PEC) of Manitoba and North-West Ontario Provincial Command for the next two years.

  • President - Mel Willis
  • 1st Vice President - Ronn Anderson
  • Vice President - Ken Milenko
  • Vice-President - Ernie Tester
  • Vice President - Jerry Lava
  • Honorary Treasurer - Rick Bennett
  • Chairman - Bette Vance
  • Sgt. At Arms - Dennis Larvie

Comrade Dan Kidd is the Immediate Past President.

There were 171 accredited delegates in attendance, carrying 180 proxies for a total of 351 votes. A total of 10 resolutions were discussed and voted on. A final report on the results will be produced by Command shortly and made available to the membership. The legion volunteers in Transcona were keep busy with feeding and entertaining the delegates.

It was announced at this convention that the host of the 2017 Provincial Convention would be St. James Br. No. 4. Comrade Betty Zarney has been appointed Chairman of the Local Arrangements Committee. (LAC) Betty will be looking for a lot of help from the branch membership to put on a successful Convention. If you wish to assist please contact Betty. This will require a lot of work and it's not too early to start now. 2017 will be here before we know it. Please Volunteer.

All my best wishes for a wonderful summer to everyone. Don't forget that the survival of your branch depends on your participation in the many programs and fundraising events put on by your committee members and branch volunteers.

Cde. Ronn Anderson, President


The Auxiliary had their Spring Luncheon, the weather was in our favor and had a good turn out.

Thanks to the busy gals in the kitchen, all day Saturday and again on Sunday, Kay, Cammie, Lorna, and Carol. A lot of hard work was done.

Thanks a lot to the Cadets that helped out, you did a wonderful job. To anyone that helped out, thank you and a big thank you to those that did baking for the Bake Table.

Spoke to Freda Granger, she took a tumble, wish you all the best.

We had a lot of very nice prizes. The following is a list of winners:

  • Grocery Hampers, 1. Vera Jones, 2. Colleen Boyce, 3. Debbie Clark
  • Door Prizes, 1. Jean Oram, 2. Olga MacDame, 3. Joan Gordon
  • Afghans, Shirley Squires, Derrick McKinnon
  • Necklace, Joyce Coles
  • Juicer, Shirley Squires
  • Money Tree, Donna Smith

Silent Auction

  • 1. Everyday Essentials-Charles Appelt
  • 2. Kettle & Jelly Beans-Carolyn McFerran
  • 3. Kitchen Towels & Jelly Beans-Betty Zarney
  • 4. Watches-Marion Schroeder
  • 5. Candles & Crystal-Beth Dera
  • 6. Microwave Rice Cooker & Coffee Cup-Mary Roddin
  • 7. The Tea Set-Cathy Demiamyk
  • 8. $20 and 2 boxes Morden's Chocolates-Lynne Stevens
  • 9. $20 and Puzzle-Jane Deller
  • 10. Assorted Kitchen Goodies-Carol Sutherland
  • 11. Pie Plates & Vase-Julia Watson
  • 12. Musical Clock-Vicky Watson
  • 13. Kitchen Organizer-Barb Criggie
  • 14. Casserole Dish-Betty Zarney
  • 15. Afghan & Puzzle-Marion Schroeder
  • 16. Scarf & Jacket-Charles Appelt
  • 17. 30 Piece Value Set & Kleenex-Rose Anderson
  • 18. Kitchen Value Pack-Lynne Stevens
  • 19. $20 & Fox- Vicky Watson
  • We had two Ladies at the lunch, we had not seen for a while, Eva MacKay and Marion Schroeder with her daughter Carolyn. Angie Ritchot was also out. She has not been well for a while. We want to thank everyone for their support, it makes our job easier.

    On Tuesday June 9/15 the Auxiliary had a Supper in the Quiet Room. There were 20 in attendance and we all enjoyed a very nice supper. We are now off for the summer. Our next Meeting is Thursday Sept 3/15. Executive at 6:30 pm and Regular at 7:30 pm. Our Past President Corrine is not feeling well, take it easy. We wish everyone a good summer, try and relax.

    See you all in September.

    June Clarke, Ladies Auxiliary Publicity Chair


    Cde. Ronn Anderson, Chairman


    Please note: all submissions for the Newsletter must be typed or hand printed. Thank you

    Cde. Mike Thayer, Publicity


    Summer has finally arrived and the majority of our sports activities have started their hiatus until the fall.


    We are a casual, fun group and always looking for more players. Why not consider joining us!! If you have any questions, please call: Bea at 204-888-4661 or Gert at 204-837-1955. A detailed report will be in the August issue of the Bulletin.


    A notice will be posted in late August with details on the meeting to be held in September 2015.


    The Wednesday Night Dart league has finished until the fall and a notice will be posted with the official start date in September.

    If you are interested in playing in this fun league and require more information please leave a message at the branch.

    Our Branch was represented at 2015 Provincial Command Dart Championship held in Flin Flon MB in late April and made an excellent showing. Good job!

    International Veterans Billiard League

    The 2015-16 season will start again in the fall. Watch the bulletin boards for further information.

    Senior Snooker League

    The Senior Snooker league will commence again in the fall. A sign-up sheet will be posted on the Pool Room Bulletin Board later this summer. Thanks to all for your help and co-operation in making this year a success.


    The branch will be represented by both a Regular and Senior team at the 2015 Provincial Command Regular and Senior golf tournaments being held on the weekend of August 22-23, 2015 in Selkirk MB.

    The Regular team will consist of Randy Morningstar, Rick McDonald, Wayne Moar and Brendan O'Connor. The Senior team will consist of Bernie Roy, Mike Armstrong, Terry Hollier and Darcy Halladay

    Good luck guys!

    Upcoming Events

    Watch the bulletin Board for the Mary Oliver Doubles Dart Tournament to be held in September 12, 2014.

    Please watch the bulletin boards for upcoming sporting events to take place at our branch.

    Yours Fraternally
    Cde. Mary Anne McGibney, Sports Chairperson

    St James Senior Golf League News

    It has been a great year so far with the Players golf course in excellent condition.

    We play every Wednesday at 10 AM, be there for 0930 hrs, we have an average of 20 to 30 golfers every Wednesday. Foursome are made up that day. The Ed Neumann Memorial Tournament will be held at the Players Golf course on Wed 19 Aug, rain date will be 26 Aug. See you on the links.

    Cde. Bernie Roy


    Cde. Chris Lundgren, Children's Committee Chair

    WAY'S and MEANS

    Our next basket is Canada Day which will be drawn on July1/15. If anyone is interested in donating for our baskets please feel free to either contact myself or drop off your donation at the bar with Roxanne.

    Chase The Ace. Come on down to try your luck for a chance to guess where the Ace of Spades is and do not forget our 50/50 draw each week.

    Yours in Comradeship,
    Cde. Ken Morley, Ways Means


    Ron Friesen
    Bruce Proulx
    Susan Zacharias
    Timothy Dittrick
    Don Cairns
    Alice Letkerman
    Al Thede

    Roy Patching
    Keith Wayne Pollen
    Jon Giroux
    Fredrick Beckett
    Shane Bartelette
    Hubert Quinlan

    Number of Dues paid for 2015

    New Members

    Cde. Gordie Laing, Membership Chair Membership Renewal


    To renew your 2015 membership the dues are $46.00. To become a member of the St. James Legion for the year 2015, the dues are $41.00. To renew your Membership for 2014 the dues are $46.00. Cannot make it down to the Legion? Mail in your dues with a self-addressed stamped envelope, and we will be pleased to mail your Membership card to you. Keep up with the happenings at our Legion. If you want the bulletin mailed to you, the cost is $10.00 per year and you will be one of the first to receive the bulletin delivered right to your mailbox six times a year.


    I am now in charge of In House Draws. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make draws better let me know. Also I am always looking for help for the draws so if you can help leave your name at the bar or call Al Coote at 204 888 0743.

    Cde. Al Coote, In House Draws Chair


    Yours in Comradeship,
    Ken Morley, Chairman


    Band Schedule

    Friday Night Only Band Dynamics

    Canada Day The Dynamics

    Cde. Maryanne McGibney, Entertainment Chairperson


    Our Mother's Day Brunch in May was good. The turnout was not as good as last year but those who came had a good time and a good Brunch. I would like to thank our men cooks Roland Fisette, Mike Thayer and Doc Halladay. Also thank you to Al Coote, Giselle Coote, Liz Halladay, and MaryAnne McGibney for all of their help. I really appreciate all they do. If I have forgotten anyone I am sorry.

    The June 6th D. Day Golf Tournament was a lot of fun except for the rain. Most everyone played all nine holes in the rain even Fair Weather Al Coote. I want to thank Roland Fisette for barbecuing all the steaks and to Doc Halladay and Mike Thayer for taking care of the golfing. Thank you to Giselle Coote, Charles & Judy Appelt and Debbie Clark for helping me with this event. Thank you to Mary Anne McGibney who helped me both at the base and at the branch. Thank you to all the staff for their hard work on that day.

    Upcoming Events to Put on your Calendars

    July 1st Canada Day- Wednesday

    • Festivities start at 12:00 Noon
    • Hamburgers- $3.00
    • Hot Dogs- $2.00
    • Mini Meat Draw
    • Music by Dynamics
    • Come out and celebrate Canada Day

    September 19th- Saturday Sports Day

    • Pool Top Curling
    • Mini Golf
    • Hidden Darts and much more

    We will be working together with the Senior 55 Club to start Legion Week. So please all branch members & guests come out and enjoy this day of fun. Watch for posters for more details.

    September 24th- Thursday- Veterans Luncheon.

    12:00 noon Lunch will be served

    There will be a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board if any Veteran would like to come down and have lunch with our shut in guest

    September 26th- Saturday- Chili Cook Off

    • Between Branch # 4 and the Firefighters/Paramedics
    • Judging will be at 5:30 pm.
    • Silent Auction- anyone who would like to donate to this see Betty Zarney
    • There will be a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board for anyone who would like to enter the chili cook off.

    There will be posters on the bulletin boards shortly.

    Cde. Betty Zarney, Special Events Chair


    On May 28th, Thursday we will be giving out the Long-time service pins to our members and also special presentations by President Ronn Anderson. Please attend this special evening and support this event.

    Cde. Betty Zarney, Special Events Chair


    The training year 2014-15 for 2701 Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Cadet Corps has come to a close. The cadets have all gained new life skills and are ready for the next challenge.

    Summer Training

    Several cadets have been selected to attend national training camps in Vernon, BC and at Rocky Mountain, which is near Banff. The courses include: General Military Training; Leadership and Challenge; Basic Expedition; Expedition Instructor, and Band.

    One cadet was selected for an exchange program in England. She will train and travel with them for most of the summer months before returning home to attend university.


    The unit strength has declined slightly. That was primarily the result of the need to change their parade nights part-way through the training year because the gymnasium was no longer available. An aggressive recruiting campaign will be held beginning in September 2015.

    Frezenberg Commemoration

    Thirteen cadets from across Canada attended the Frezenberg Commemoration, including one from 2701 PPCLI cadets. Frezenberg was the first large battle that the Patricia's fought during the First World War. An abridged copy of his letter about his experiences is shown below:

    Imagine being 16, boarding a train or a ship for England to go to war. All you have is a small bag with your possessions. Once you arrive, you are told that you have six months of training before heading over to Europe to fight a war with people you don't know. This was the story of many young boys from across Canada during the First World War.

    For me, writing this in the 21st century. I had a very similar experience to those who fought in the First World War. I was one of only a few cadets selected to partake in a trip to the old world. My regiment, the P.P.C.L.I. turned 100 in 2015 and this was the reason for the trip. I had similar emotions to those that fought in the "Great War".

    I cannot imagine how lost some of the soldiers felt while boarding their trains. For many, they did not even know where they were going.

    We embarked on the trip of a life time in the countries of both France and Belgium. We visited many significant places in the events of the First World War.

    Our visit to Paris was exactly as I expected. We visited sights which I had only heard or seen pictures of. The part of the trip which really stood out was our time in the Ypres area. This small Belgian town was certainly a strategic location throughout the First World War. The town experienced one of the first gas attacks, and in fact all of Belgium was basically a buffer against the Germans during the war.

    Today the town has been rebuilt. I was given opportunity to partake in the Menin Gate service, which has taken place every night since 1929. It is done to remember the fallen. Laying a wreath whilst bagpipes played was even more haunting than I would have imagined.

    This trip certainly brought the events of the First World War to life. Particularly touching was seeing the veterans, many of whom had parents or grandparents who fought in the war.

    We visited several cemeteries. They served as a reminder of how great the losses were for all countries.

    I cannot state enough how valuable this trip was. The things I learned and that which I saw will certainly stick with me for the rest of my life. I would like to thank everyone involved who helped me attend this trip. The cadet program has allowed me to achieve so much and this trip is certainly a highlight of my cadet career.

    Cde. Ivan Poitras, Sponsers Representitive


    As all members Know by now, our Club sponsors the PPCLI Cadets. There is a small box located by the phone down stairs near the Canteen. If you have any spare CDN Tire Money, it would be greatly appreciated if you could drop it in the box. Once filled we will deliver it to the PPCLI Cadets.


    The Branch has a limited number of mobility aids such as wheelchairs, and canes that are available on loan to our members. If you are in need of a mobility aid on a temporary basis, stop by the Branch to view the items available and determine if one might meet your short term needs.


    On your way downstairs to the main lounge, there is a wooden box marked "St James Legion Supports the Troop's Family" if you have any spare change please throw it in to support our Troop's family.

    Also have a look at the wall behind the bar; we are selling items for the MFRC (Military Family Resource Centre" to help the Troops and their families. Support your troops on Friday by wearing RED.


    In recent years we have lost many Comrades available for the important duty of Honorary Pallbearers who are needed to honor our fallen Veterans. I would like to request volunteers for this duty, if you can spare sometime in the AM or PM to attend various funerals and have a Legion uniform. I would appreciate you getting in touch with me at 889-8225 or leave your name and phone number at the Branch office. Thank you in advance for your co-operation

    Cde. Eric Murphy, Service Officer & Pensions

    OVER 55

    Shirley James is now home and on the road to recovery.

    Bud Dibley has passed on, no more pain and our thoughts go out to Georgina, with our condolences take care.

    Marj Morris was in the hospital, had a heart attack. A card was sent. Walter Marsh has just gone into the hospital.

    Phyllis Psooy has advised me that Walter and she are going to Las Vegas to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary, our best to you.

    Today, June 18/15 the Over 55+ had our closing Luncheon. Lunch was delicious thanks to the planning of Joyce Coles, we also had cake and ice cream. We then played Bingo. Jim usually calls bingo (he had a day off) Peter Henry took over, everything went well.

    As we are through for the summer, we meet again in September. Please mark the following in your calendar, Executive Meeting Sept 1/15 1:30pm and General Meeting Sept 10/15 1:30 pm. We also have a date for our Corn Roast, including a hotdog and hamburger. Date is Saturday Sept 19/15. More info will follow later.

    See you all in September

    June Clarke, Publicity


    Deer Lodge - Chris Aldridge

    • Doug Brown - Short visit left goodie bag
    • Hugh Buskell - Not in left goodie bag
    • John Windsor - Interesting visit, waiting for pm trivia game
    • Charles Yule - Good visit heavy discussion on TV sports

    Golden West Lodge - Chris Aldridge

    • Elliot Armstrong - Interesting visit discussing financial times

    Oakview Place - Jim Ward

    • Olive Horton - Short visit enjoys her treats
    • Marge Hewitt - Nice visit and chat
    • James Mowatt - Good visit and talk
    • Wes Wowchuck - Short visit had some treats

    Lions Personal Care Centre - Al Coote

    • Winnie Clouston - Not in left goodie bag

    Tuxedo Villa - Al Coote

    • Eva Mackay - Eva is now 101 and as usual We had a nice visit

    At Home - Al Coote

    • Peter & Marie Sawatzky - Had a nice visit, A few days after the Visit Peter & Marie moved in to Deer Lodge Centre. They are now on Tower 6, if you are able drop in and see them.

    As you all know by now Ken Morley has had his Surgery in Edmonton and is doing well .He will be in Edmonton at least until September. We all wish Him Well in His recovery.

    That Is My Report for this newsletter Thank to the committee for their help .and remember the sick & shut in and visit if you can.

    Cde Al Coote, Hospital & Sick Visiting Chairperson


    Please take note. Any checks or donations made to Deer Lodge Veterans must be made out to the Veterans Memorial Endowment Fund at Deer Lodge. This is to ensure the money or donations go directly to the Veterans and no other organizations. Thank you.


    Our Office Administrator, Debi Pointkoski, is also a Certified Marriage Commissioner. Please contact Debi if you want more information regarding this service.


    Heaven's gate swung gently open, the Master called softly "Come" and you Dear one took the Master's hand and your work on earth was done. We'll never cease to miss you and shed many silent tears because we cannot share with you Our hopes, Our joys, Our fears. But one day in God's garden when the master calls us to come, You'll be at the gates with open arms and say to us "Welcome home".

    It is with deep sympathy the Branch records the passing of the following Comrades since our last review. The Officers, Executives and members extend their heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families.

    They shall grow not old
    As we are left grow old;
    Age shall not weary them,
    Nor do the years condemn.
    At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
    We will remember them.

    Cde. Patricia Hart
    Deceased 10 May 15
    Cde. Burton Dibley
    Unit: 27 BATT
    Deceased 23 May 15
    Cde. Syd Lentle
    Unit: Army
    Deceased 20 June 15


    Barristers & Solicitors

    Since 1923 this firm served the St James Assiniboia Community, practicing in the Areas of Real Estates, Mortgages, Wills and Estates, Family Law, Criminal, Corporate, Commercial, Personal Injury, Civil Litigation and Wrongful Dismissal.

    George E. Chapman Q.C.
    Alan R. Goddard, B.A. LL.B
    Kelly P. Land, B.A., LL.B
    Michael J. Law, B.A., LL.B
    Allan L Dyker, B.A., LL.B
    Mindy R. Lofchick, LL.B
    Serge B. Couture, B.A., LL.B
    Kael P. McKenzie, B.A., LL.B
    Almer N. Jacksteit, B. Comm, LL.B, Counsel

    1864 Portage Ave Winnipeg, MB R3J 0H2
    Tel. (204) 888-7973
    Fax no. (204) 832-3461