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Greetings to all.

General meetings are the forum for members to participate with your branch executive in the operation of your branch. Meetings only occur every other month and the meeting only lasts for an hour or so. This is not much time to dedicate to your branch. General meetings are held the 3rd Thursday in February, April, June, August, October and the 2nd Thursday in December. Meetings commence at 7:00 P.M.

At the April general meeting we will be deciding on the number of delegates and electing members to be delegates to the 2015 Provincial Convention. The convention this year will be hosted by Transcona branch. Dates are 21 June, Parade, Wreath Laying ceremony and opening. 22 & 23 June, Business sessions.

On the 28th of May at 7 P.M. The branch will be holding an Honours and Awards evening including an Initiation night where the new members to the Legion are initiated. As part of this meeting Special Awards and Long service pins are presented to deserving members. We will also be presenting donations from the Poppy Fund, as approved by the general body. This Special evening normally takes less than an hour and is a good way for the membership to welcome our new members, and Honour our long serving ones.

The Sports Foundation of Manitoba & Northwest Ontario Command operates the Best Sports Camp in Canada for Children. In order to do this they need help. If you are able to give some time to the welfare of our youth, then maybe you could volunteer as a Dorm Dean (Chaperone) at the Athletic Camp for a week this summer. The camp operates in one week blocks from 19 July 2015 until 15 August 2015 at The International Peace Garden. Your help would be greatly appreciated. More information can be obtained from the office.

My best wishes to all. If you are under the weather, Get Well Soon, and I hope to see you all in the branch over the next couple of months.

Cde. Ronn Anderson, President


We recently lost a very good person and hard worker, Marjorie Suddick. She passed away very quietly in her apartment. Her Memorial Service was held on Feb 3/15 at St James Anglican Church

At our meeting Feb 5/15 our Sargent-At- Arms, Lila Yelland and our Secretary, Kay McKinnon were installed into Office. We also have 3 new members initiated. Carol Tass, Olga McNamee, Catherine Demaimys. Welcome to the Auxiliary.

Two members had Birthdays, Freda Granger, and Joan Farrce, have a great year.

Please don't forget the soup labels, they help with schools


The Bake Table always needs baking. If you can take a day, please contact Barb Criggie.

The Auxiliary is planning a Spring Luncheon. The date is Sunday April 26/15. Tickets are $7.00. Children 10 and under is $3.00. Mark your Calendars. We always have a nice lunch. Time 12:30 to 2:30 PM.

George V School thanks # 4 Legion for 1,571 soup labels the past year. These labels are redeemed to enhance the various programs in the schools. Please keep them coming.

June Clarke, Ladies Auxiliary Publicity Chair


Cde. Ronn Anderson, Chairman


Cde. Mike Thayer, Publicity


Our winter has been long and cold but our sports are still going strong.


Come out and join us for an afternoon of friendly cards & socializing. Registration starts at 11:30 am. Cards at 12:30. The dates left to play are Feb 28th, March14th, March28th, April 11th and April 25th which is also followed by the annual windup luncheon.

We play every second Saturday and We hope to see you there.

Contact Gert 837 1955 or Bea 888 4661 if you have any questions.

Congratulations to Barry O'Donnell who will represent the Branch in the singles category at 2015 Provincial Command Cribbage Championship to be held in Emo, Ontario in March 2015.


Go out on Sunday and watch them play at noon at the Deer Lodge Curling Club. They are looking for spares to help out. The competition is hot and fierce as they head into the play downs.

Congratulations to the team of Art King, Dave Karpenik, Doug Thomas and Ken Arsenault for winning the 2015 Provincial Command Seniors Curling Bonspiel.


The Wednesday Night Dart league has started for the season and a notice has been posted with information on the league.

If you are interested in playing in this fun league and require more information please leave a message at the branch.

The District playoffs for the 2015Provincial command Dart championships were played February 21st and 22nd and the team of Gilles Philippot, Tim O'Brien, Chris Parei and Bill Dowie along with alternate Carter Ferguson will represent the Branch at the Provincial Command Championship which will be held in Flin Flon Mb from April 17th-19th.

International Veterans Billiard League

The 2014 - 15 season has started. Watch the bulletin boards for further information. Come out and watch the high caliber of play on Thursday nights at 7:00 p.m. We have one team that plays in this league so please come out and support them.

Senior Snooker League

The Senior Snooker league has commenced. You can see them play 2-3 mornings a week from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Thanks to Jim Ward and Bernie Roy for all their help in running this league. The competition is rugged in this final round before playoffs. The final results will be published in the next bulletin.


Even though the snow may be around until July before it all melts please watch for the registration sheets for the 2015Provincial Command Regular and Senior Golf Tournaments which will be posted in late March if all the information is available.

Upcoming Events

Please watch the bulletin boards for upcoming sporting events to take place at our branch.

Yours Fraternally
Cde. Mary Anne McGibney, Sports Chairperson


Cde. Chris Lundgren, Children's Committee Chair


We have now completed our first basket draw of 2015. The winner of our Valentine's Day draw was Marg Lavallee, who was in attendance and very happy to have her name drawn. I would like to thank the following people and companies who donated prizes for the basket: Foodfare, Hair Place Salon, Park Avenue Hair Salon, Judy Appelt, Kendall Catering, Mike Thayer, George Morrison, and Daurelle Wowchuk. I also would like to thank Al Coote, Debi Pointkoski, Linda Morley, and the Bar staff for their help. Our next basket is Easter/Mother's Day and will be drawn on May 9/15.

We have had a successful Chase The Ace going down to the final card. I have had a lot of help during this time. I would like to thank the following people who have helped along the way: Brenda Shaw, Linda Morley, Debbie Clark, Jim Simm, Blake Appelt, Glenn Morrison, Jim Ward, Debi Pointkoski, Roland Fisette, Mike Thayer, Chris Lundgren, and finally the person who continually helped and thought of ways to make things run smoother Ronn Anderson. The draw has been a success. Also kudos go out to Al Coote for the 50/50 draws. The help from Betty Zarney, Debi Clark, Brenda Poapst, and Mike Thayer were helpful in making the draws great.

Yours in Comradeship,
Cde. Ken Morley, Ways Means


Brent Winter
Carole Masson
William MacDonald
Timothy Trach
Sandra Rimes
Herminia Arguelles
Bev Barker
Donald Currie
Ken Olien
Sharon Todres-Ross

Ed Miguez
Donna Reid
Robert Paquin
Paul Guyader
Dawn Elford
Garry Farrell
Linda Joyce
Terry Kuhn

Number of Dues paid for 2015 - 1179

New Members - 18

To renew your Membership the dues are $41.00 until January 31st. On February 1st, the dues are $46.00. To become a member of the St James Legion for the year 2015, the dues are $41.00. To renew your Membership for 2014 the dues are $46.00. Cannot make it down to the Legion? Mail in your dues with a self-addressed stamped envelope, and we will be pleased to mail your Membership card to you.

Keep up with the happenings at our Legion. If you want the bulletin mailed to you, the cost is $10.00 per year and you will be one of the first to receive the bulletin delivered right to your Mailbox six times a year.

Cde. Gordie Laing, Membership Chair Membership Renewal


I am now in charge of In House Draws. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make draws better let me know. Also I am always looking for help for the draws so if you can help leave your name at the bar or call Al Coote at 204 888 0743. There will be Turkeys & Hams on March 14, 21 & 28th for Easter. So come on down on these Saturdays to win yourself a great prize for Easter.

Cde. Al Coote, In House Draws Chair


Yours in Comradeship,
Ken Morley, Chairman


Band Schedule


  • 06-07 Mar, Rockets
  • 13-14 Mar, Marvels
  • 20-21 Mar, Dynamics
  • 27-28 Mar, Sky Drive


  • 02-04 Apr, Celebration
  • 10-11 Apr, Ricki Redbone
  • 17-18 Apr, Marvels
  • 24-25 Apr, Dynamics

Cde. Maryanne McGibney, Entertainment Chairperson


Our Valentine's Day Dance went over pretty good. We had a some dancers come out and brave the cold to attend this event. I want to thank Al Coote for picking up the carnations and Mike Thayer for taking pictures of this event. A special thank you to our Cupid Joel Nichols. He did a great job prancing around giving out carnations to the ladies. Thank you Joel.

Upcoming events

St. Patrick's Day

  • March 14th, Saturday
  • Entertainment
  • Stew- $6.00 purchase tickets from Ken
  • Green Beer
  • Come out and enjoy the day

Hawaiian Night

  • April 18th, Saturday
  • Pulled Pork on a Bun
  • Prizes for best Hawaiian outfit

Mother's Day Brunch

  • May 10th, Sunday
  • Tickets $7.00 per person
  • Children under 5 free
  • Tickets will go on Sale the middle of April.

Watch posters for more details and more upcoming events

Cde. Betty Zarney, Special Events Chair


Cde. Ivan Poitras, Sponsers Representitive

Daily Draw Winners

Daily Draw Winners for January/February are: C.R. Gill, M.M. Garet

Mobility Aids

The Branch has a limited number of mobility aids such as wheelchairs, and canes that are available on loan to our members. If you are in need of a mobility aid on a temporary basis, stop by the Branch to view the items available and determine if one might meet your short term needs.


On your way downstairs to the main lounge, there is a wooden box marked "St James Legion Supports the Troop's Family" if you have any spare change please throw it in to support our Troop's family.

Also have a look at the wall behind the bar; we are selling items for the MFRC (Military Family Resource Centre" to help the Troops and their families. Support your troops on Friday by wearing RED.


In recent years we have lost many Comrades available for the important duty of Honorary Pallbearers who are needed to honor our fallen Veterans. I would like to request volunteers for this duty, if you can spare sometime in the AM or PM to attend various funerals and have a Legion uniform. I would appreciate you getting in touch with me at 889-8225 or leave your name and phone number at the Branch office. Thank you in advance for your co-operation

Cde. Eric Murphy, Service Officer & Pensions


Since our last Bulletin, there has been in a change in our Executive.

  • Chair - Peter Henry
  • Bake - Maria Shear

Welcome to our group

Our fun day is Tuesday March 24/15. Lunch will be served at noon. Cost will be $7.00. Other Over 55 are going to be invited. For more information please contact Georgina Dibley.

Our next Executive meeting will be Tuesday March 3/15 at 1:30 PM. The General Meeting will be at 1:30 PM on Thursday March 12/ 15.

Our Bake Table is the 3rd Saturday of the Month. It is a money maker for us and would appreciate any baking that can be done.

Also thank you to Barb Criggie for looking after our elections for us, much appreciated. We also had a minute of silence in memory of Marjorie Suddick.

If you have a Campbell Soup labels, please save them. We support George V School.

June Clarke, Publicity


Deer Lodge - Al Coote

  • Doug Brown - Not in left goodie bag
  • Bert Hilton - Busy with the nurses left goodie bag
  • Hugh Buskell - Sleeping left goodie bag
  • John Windsor - Sleeping left goodie bag

Golden West Lodge - Al Coote

  • Elliot Armstrong - Had a good visit

Oakview Place - Jim Ward

  • Olive Horton - Enjoys visit & treats
  • Jim Mowatt - Short visit, says hello to #4
  • Wes Wowchuck - Resting left goodie bag
  • Marg Hewitt - Good visit & chat

Misericordia - Ken Morley

  • Winnie Clouston - As always Ken has nice visit with Winnie

Tuxedo Villa - Al Coote

  • Eva Mackay - Had a good visit with Eva , She was in good spirits

At Home - Al Coote

  • Peter Sawatzky - Did not see Peter just left goodie bag

Cde Al Coote, Hospital & Sick Visiting Chairperson


Attention Members, in the next few weeks the washrooms in the main club room will be totally renovated. We apologize for the inconveniences, but the washrooms will not be able to be use. You will have to use the ones upstairs

Cde. Roland Fisette, Housing Chair

Canadian Tire Money

As all members Know by now, our Club sponsors the PPCLI Cadets. There is a small box located by the phone down stairs near the Canteen. If you have any spare CDN Tire Money, it would be greatly appreciated if you could drop it in the box. Once filled we will deliver it to the PPCLI Cadets.


Please take note. Any checks or donations made to Deer Lodge Veterans must be made out to the Veterans Memorial Endowment Fund at Deer Lodge. This is to ensure the money or donations go directly to the Veterans and no other organizations. Thank you.


Our Office Administrator, Debi Pointkoski, is also a Certified Marriage Commissioner. Please contact Debi if you want more information regarding this service.


Heaven's gate swung gently open, the Master called softly "Come" and you Dear one took the Master's hand and your work on earth was done. We'll never cease to miss you and shed many silent tears because we cannot share with you Our hopes, Our joys, Our fears. But one day in God's garden when the master calls us to come, You'll be at the gates with open arms and say to us "Welcome home".

It is with deep sympathy the Branch records the passing of the following Comrades since our last review. The Officers, Executives and members extend their heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families.

Cde. Edwin Eckert
Deceased 03 Jan 15

Cde. Marjorie Suddick
Deceased 07 Jan 15

Cde. Debbie McLean
Deceased 12 Jan 15

Cde. Jim Curley
Unit: RCAF
Deceased 24 Jan 15

Cde Joseph Ward
Deceased 26 Jan 15

They shall grow not old
As we are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them,
Nor do the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.


Barristers & Solicitors

Since 1923 this firm served the St James Assiniboia Community, practicing in the Areas of Real Estates, Mortgages, Wills and Estates, Family Law, Criminal, Corporate, Commercial, Personal Injury, Civil Litigation and Wrongful Dismissal.

George E. Chapman Q.C.
Alan R. Goddard, B.A. LL.B
Kelly P. Land, B.A., LL.B
Michael J. Law, B.A., LL.B
Allan L Dyker, B.A., LL.B
Mindy R. Lofchick, LL.B
Serge B. Couture, B.A., LL.B
Kael P. McKenzie, B.A., LL.B
Almer N. Jacksteit, B. Comm, LL.B, Counsel

1864 Portage Ave Winnipeg, MB R3J 0H2
Tel. (204) 888-7973
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